Igniting Influence

12 Leadership and Character Development Online Lessons for Millennials. Each lesson includes: Video, Biblical Examples, Case Studies, Practical Application and Powerful Discussion & Discovery Questions.

Sample Three Lessons: Click Here 

 In these 12 leadership development lessons developed for young leaders we tackle issues like purpose, confidence, self-worth, pride, fear, purpose and building strong relationships. We nurture leadership growth by teaching the importance of integrity and character, confidence, intermingled with accountability. We teach practical lessons dealing with change, peer pressure, and much more.Participants will not only walk away with a strong understanding of the leadership principles derived from the greatest leader of all time, Jesus, but they will also be able to apply those principles in real-life scenarios and through weekly application.Each of the 12 lessons contains the following components:- 3-5 min inspirational video- Reading assignment followed by a Q&A- Biblical Foundation built on our 4H framework: Heart, Head, Hand, Habits- Case Studies- Self-Evaluation- Practical Application

* If you're going through this course as a group, pick a group facilitator for each week whose job will be to read out loud questions, Scripture references and case studies, as well as make sure that everyone gets a chance to participate. At the end of each session ask for a volunteer facilitator for the following week.