Biblical DISC® Certification - Phoenix, AZ


The Certification training will help you develop fluency in the most popular and powerful human behavioral assessment technique - DISC - used by millions of people over the past 45+ years. The Biblical DISC® Assessment provides you a proven, reliable tool to help others build Jesus-centered relationships at work and at home.


Phoenix, AZ

Date & Time

March 10-11, 2023 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM Mountain Time


March 10, 2023 8:30am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time

March 11, 2023 8:30am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time


Located in: Ability360 Center 

Ability 360 building houses many non-profit disability organizations, one being Joni and Friends, an LLJ partner who is hosting the Biblical DISC Certification.

Address: 5025 E Washington St # 106, Phoenix, AZ 85034

The Power of DISC + Solid Biblical Principles

The Biblical DISC® Assessment combines the power of the most widely used behavioral assessment tool – the DISC model of human behavior – with solid Biblical truths.

Become a Certified Biblical DISC® Practitioner

Participate in a comprehensive two-day certification process and experience a DISC Team-Building Workshop which you can deliver in your training efforts. Practice using DISC reports in coaching, and learn how to apply DISC to organizational & relationship challenges through training, coaching and consulting interventions.

Attend Biblical DISC Training to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others.   You will increase self-knowledge and cultivate strategies to create greater harmony and fulfillment in any area of your life.  Learning about your behavioral style can lead to greater success and motivation at work and home as you leverage your God-given strengths.   And you’ll discover how to create the loving relationships that Jesus envisioned for us. The Biblical DISC Training does not include Certification.

Many of the world's top coaches, trainers and counselors rely on assessments to ensure positive outcomes in the areas of leadership development, team building, relationship building, communication & collaboration and conflict resolution. Assessments work by providing individuals a road map of their behavioral strengths. Knowing our unique behavioral style and motivators is key to healthy relationships and organizational success.

Why do Life Coaches, Pastors, Counselors, HR Professionals and Managers flock to Biblical DISC Certification?

Because they know how powerful self-assessment tools are in developing positive relationships among couples, families and work mates. The Biblical DISC® Assessment blends the knowledge from Scripture and the DISC Model of Human Behavior to provide individuals:

  • their personal road map to understanding their God-given behavioral style
  • clarity and newfound understanding to otherwise contrasting behavioral styles
  • tools to repair broken relationships
  • strategies for effective communication among family, friends and co-workers with different styles

The Biblical DISC® Assessment Certification Training equips you to help individuals accomplish their personal and professional goals, create relationships built on trust and respect while fostering loving and wholesome environments where people want to work and live.

Prerequisites to becoming a certified Lead Like Jesus Biblical DISC Practitioners

Complete a Biblical DISC Practitioner Application and submit to Lead Like Jesus.  

More information on becoming a certified Lead Like Jesus Biblical DISC Practitioner.

Contact Barbara Meiss, Leadership Development Director at Lead Like Jesus for more information. [email protected] or 800-383-6890 x106


Phoenix, AZ


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